Teddy Remus Lupin (morphingmoon) wrote,
Teddy Remus Lupin

Being bad boys and drinking (shh! don't tell the adults); for stillanoutsider

Teddy Lupin had a reasonable amount of confidence -- at times, too much, at other times, not nearly enough -- in himself, but he was also acutely aware of the fact that he was still young and trying to "find himself," figure out the sort of person he wanted to be. He was done trying to live up to some ghostly image of success by following the paths his parents had taken. Not that he wasn't proud of them, but the life they led wasn't for him. He enjoyed magic, of course, but more as a hobby and lifestyle than a career choice.

He was aware, too, that he could seem dull to the younger kids he'd grown up with. Teddy had expected himself to be the responsible one, and kept his rebellious tendencies out of their view as much as possible. Now that he was older, it was easier to do the things he wanted to do more often, versus doing what he felt like he had to do.

And right now, he wanted to get drunk and play pub games and get caught up in whatever antics naturally arose while he was with Albus Potter. Al was underage as far as alcohol went, but Teddy found it fun in a 'breaking-the-rules' sort of way, and found he couldn't care less what the rules were at the moment. Maybe he'd learn something.

"I know a few drinking games, if you want to be less tedious about this."
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