Teddy Remus Lupin (morphingmoon) wrote,
Teddy Remus Lupin

Trials and Tribulations for patchdandshabby and professor_snark

Teddy had been spending more and more time in the Room, now that he was living with his father and Severus (the man whom he'd begun to think of almost as a second father, or at the very least, a close uncle), but still made visits back to his other home to see people like his Gran, Harry, Vic, James, Albus, Lily, and the rest of them.

This time when he'd gone back, however, he'd needed to stay longer than he'd intended. Fenrir Greyback had escaped from Azkaban and as an Auror-in-training, he was of course on the front line trying to track the beast down. It didn't help that Greyback apparently knew who Teddy's father was, making it all the more personal and deadly. They finally had tracked him down, but it hadn't been a quick or easy fight. Teddy took quite a few bad blows, claw marks to his face, shoulders and chest. Ron followed Greyback down a long hallway, disappearing from Teddy's sight. Though half-conscious, Teddy dragged himself to his feet in an attempt to follow them, worried about letting Ron go it alone. But when he pushed through a door, he suddenly found himself back in the Room, in the house he now shared with his father and Severus. Unable to support his body weight anymore, Teddy sagged against the wall.

"Ron?" Part of him understood where he was, but the other part of his mind was still half-lost in the thick of the fight.
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